8 Ways To: Improve Your Company’s Website Ranking

by May 3, 2019

Reputation Management

Just in case you want to get a brief understanding of how search works on Google.

Let the games begin. You got a website and now you’re ready to make your fortune. But wait, nobody is calling, emailing or reaching out to you on social media. We have heard this far too often. This leads to the never-ending chase for the top of the search engine list. Since Google is the number one search engine in the world, by far, we always are looking to rank on their platform. Here are 8 steps you can perform on your own website to start moving up the ladder.

There are tools that can help you measure the success of your efforts as well. This article will show 23 of the best SEO tools and as I’m told they have examined each one of the thoroughly.

 1. Backlinking

There are tons of ways to get backlinks. First you have to find a list of places where you can list your company info in for free. Never pay for backlinks. Paying for backlinks can actually hurt you when it comes to SEO. Some sites you put your company info in will hurt your ranking with a spam score. What backlinking does is gives your site authority. There are 2 types of authority page and domain. Domain authority is the total score for your site, where page authority is authority of a single page on your site. Authority is one of the most important things to gain on your site. You may get some authority by listing yourself in directories but the most authority you will gain will be links where people shared your content. They can share your content on their site, or share in social media. That all counts.

Search engines like Google are looking for ways to improve their user experience. Google is the number 1 search engine in the world and the way they got there was to make sure when someone is looking for symptoms of a heart attack, they are sending them to a place that would give the user the best answer. User experience = money. If Bing figures out a way to edge Google out of the number one slot for search engine usage, Google would lose revenue from payed advertisers.

 2. List Your Company Exactly the Same Way Everywhere

One thing that can hurt your ranking is that you are listed in directories differently. So lets say you have different phone numbers or different ways you write your street address. These things can hurt the way search engines find you. I will list 2 examples.

  1. XYZ Company

105 Main Street

City, State Zip

Phone: 123-456-7891


  1. XYZ Company, Inc

105 Main ST

City, State Zip

Phone: (123) 456-7891

Although they are the same, they are different. One listed as Inc, and one not. Street in one is abbreviated ST in the other is spelled out. One phone number with parentheses and one without. One way to avoid this is to have your company info in a document where you can copy and past the info exactly the same everywhere.

 3. Reply to Your Customers Reviews

Nobody likes a bad review, but you can’t please everyone. A great way to get ranking is reviews. Reviews are so important. You can have review sites all over the place. Make sure you keep a list of them and that you can reply to both good and bad reviews. Never leave a review unanswered. If you get a good review be grateful and thank them for the review in a unique kind way. In other words, don’t have a blanket statement or just say thank you. Answer each review with a personal touch. Now the bad review reply is different. You have been getting solid good reviews on all your review sites. All of a sudden, the sky is falling. Someone had the neve to tell you they are not pleased with your work. The way you want to respond may not be the best thing for your business. The proper way to respond is with a thank you. Yes, you have to eat crow to make your company not look bad in the eyes of others. Never be combative, rude or unprofessional. A simple thank you is not enough. You have to tell them that you want to make things better, are changing policies or developing ways to make sure this never happens again.

You see Google has specific markers they grade. One is the way you talk to your customers. It gives them the idea of how you treat your customers offline. They want you to be kind and courteous to your customers and prove to them that you are a viable company to direct traffic to.

Start a Blog to Help Your Customers Understand Your Business

Blogs are an effective way to get your name out. We use them to help our customers find answers about what we do. If you want to get people reading articles about your profession, you don’t write an article on you, you write an article on what you do. Do you think that writing an article is going to give your potential customer information so they don’t use you? The answer is no. What the article will actually do is help people understand that they can do it themselves or look at the tasks and understand there’s too much involved, I need a professional.

Blogs can be used to get people that wouldn’t normally visit to your site, actually visit your site.  If the post is informative to them, they stay there reading and help with your bounce rate. They improve your reputation by offering a way to be helpful and show search engines you know what your doing. People can share these blog posts helping with domain authority. So many benefits that I may do an entire post on blogging.

5. Content, Content, Content

Content is a major portion of getting your site ranked higher on search engines. Did you know that the biggest problem that websites researched had was content? Most websites have hits for html to text ratio being too low. If you built your own site, or you had someone build it for you, increase the amount of content on every page. Yes, EVERY PAGE!! I know it’s hard to come up with what to say page after page, but if you take your time and carefully write the content for your site it will pay off.

 6. Start a Blog

You should start a blog on your site. Write engaging articles about things you know in your industry. I’m sure you have enough knowledge in the things you do to write several articles about your industry. You probably have enough material to write a book. So, take a little time every day or even a few hours a week and make these articles. Get them on your website. You can share them on social media and people will read them. It’s a backdoor to get people onto your website.

 7. Social Media Star

Get on all the social media networks. Post pictures, videos and articles. Help people with problems they may have. Social media markers are things that Google looks at. If you are active in social media you are active with your business.

 8. Google My Business

It shocks me how little people know about Google My Business. It’s a service Google offers similar to social media. It puts your company on the map. It also helps with getting into the Google 3 box. The Google 3 box is the box where 3 companies are listed in. If you do a Google search for say a plumber, you will see a box that has 3 companies in it that are local to you. They have Google My Business accounts and have outranked others in the same category. It may be hard to get to the first page in Google, but you can make it to the Google 3 box if you follow the steps I just told you about.