Take your marketing to the next level!


Take Your Marketing to the next level!

$9.99 Grow Your Local Business

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SEO, Google Management, Search Engine Submission, Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing


Internet marketing is crucial for business success. It boosts online visibility, attracts potential customers, and adapts to evolving market trends. By leveraging digital channels, businesses can reach a large audience, increasing brand recognition and customer engagement. Online platforms enable cost-effective advertising, ensuring efficient use of resources. Social media plays a pivotal role in connecting with customers and building brand loyalty. Through search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, businesses can enhance their online presence and visibility on search engines. Email marketing facilitates direct communication with customers, promoting products and fostering relationships. Analytics tools allow businesses to track and measure the effectiveness of online campaigns, optimizing for better results. With the internet’s pervasive influence, businesses that embrace online marketing gain a competitive edge in the dynamic marketplace.

Internet Marketing, Learn to market your business.


Unlock the power of online success with a pocket-friendly $99 do-it-yourself Internet marketing plan. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to engage with your audience and showcase your products or services. Invest in targeted online ads to boost visibility. Utilize content marketing by creating valuable and relevant content that resonates with your audience. Keep an eye on analytics to track performance and refine your strategies. With this budget-friendly approach, you can kickstart your online presence and reach new heights in the digital landscape.

This is a beginners course on how to setup and start promoting your business online. Course includes:

  • Properly Setup Facebook Business Page, Instagram and Google My Business Account.
  • How to make engaging posts using free tools.
  • Grow your social media accounts with real customers
  • Best Practices For Posting
  • Using Hashtags
  • Reputation Management
Internet Marketing, Learn to market your business.


Cat60 Designs has been building websites for 20 years. We’re a full-stack design company. Most of our sites are simple inexpensive designs. We have also developed intricate e-commerce websites and logistic sites with backend databases.

Social Media and SEO Marketing

Today’s business is highly competitive. Every company is competing for rank and market awareness. If your competitors are marketing, you are missing out on opportunities. Get ahead of your competition. It’s not too late.

Website Hosting

We offer domain hosting from GoDaddy. Using our account you can save up to 40% off of their prices. Fully supported from us and GoDaddy. 24/7/365 support for all products. Buy your domain, email and SSL’s for less.