SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important components of your website. Without Proper SEO your website will never be seen.


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Reasons To Have An SEO Plan

Grow Your Website Presence WIth SEO

A website is built. It’s submitted to all the search engines. You even setup social media. And nothing happens. The phone doesn’t ring, you get no emails people don’t show up no sales. You wait and wait and still nothing.

This is where SEO comes in. In order for people to see your website you can:

  1. Ask them to go to your website
  2. Pay for clicks
  3. Optimize your website to attract new visitors

The right combination may be all the above. The first step should be #3. Optimize for Search Engines. When you are building a website you need to make sure you have picked out your keywords, written original engaging content and obtained great original images. No website will perform without those elements.

The next step is to ask people you already know to visit. Have them look around. A website launch is an important element to get low click through ratings. (Get a good amount of time spent on your site and more pages visited.

Pay per click is also useful to attract people that would be looking for your goods and services.

Ways To Attract New Visitors With SEO

I would imagine that anyone having a website built are looking for business or visitors. Websites are a window into your company or organization. The more people you can attract to your website the better off your site is working. That cannot be achieved without some form of marketing.

Here’s a quick Q and A:

Customer: I would like you to build a website.
US: What do you want this website to do for you?
Customer: Get new business.
Us: We build our sites with SEO in Mind and will do initial Search Engine Optimization.
Customer: That great so I don’t have to pay for SEO
Us: Not for the initial setup. There’s a lot more that goes into this. You need to research keywords and what they are doing for you. Backlinks to your site need to be built. New articles need to be written and images need to be updated.

This either leads to a no, a maybe or a yes. The time required to perform these tasks are vast and it could cost some good money. The results are not instant. In the long run, it will pay off. Only well-optimized sites get seen without pay per click.

SEO: Good Idea Or Act Of Futility?

Only you can be the judge of it’s a good idea to use SEO. Here’s what we know SEO takes and what the results can be. SEO takes a lot of time to properly setup a campaign for any website. There are millions of websites it seems in every category. Lets look at a fictitious business with a website. We will call it Bob’s Bat and Tackle. Bob’s is not just a bait and tackle shop. They sell all things fishing and are actually a high end, niche market fishing supply store. They sell from inexpensive to high end fishing gear. They even sell boats. So now we have an idea of items they sell. One day Bob decides that he would get a website because a lot of his customers have suggested it. Bob has no idea where to start. He has some of his staff to look for a website developer. They find one they like and start to pull the trigger. Low and behold Bob has a beautiful eCommerce site with all his stuff online for the world to buy. A month passes and he sold nothing. 2 months pass and he has sold a a fishing lure. 3 months pass and he sold the lure and 2 fishing rods. Bob is discouraged by the results. Bob finds out about SEO. He decides to spend a little money to boost his website. He gets a few local sales in a few months. But nothing else. Bob searches for another SEO company and gets the same results. Bob finally gets in touch with a company that really knows SEO. They tell him the truth. SEO takes time and research to achieve real results. Tossing $65 a month at someone will never get you results you need. Real SEO takes months to develop and has a more premium price tag to it. This is why you have to make the call on good idea or act of futility.

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